Friends of Ostomates Worldwide-USA is a non-profit organization that collects donated ostomy supplies from individuals and organizations in the United States and sends them to those in need worldwide.

Donate your unused ostomy supplies, volunteer time, or give much needed funds to help us ship all over the world to those who need it most. Every contribution makes a huge difference to ostomates in need.

FOW USA is always in constant need of donated supplies, especially pediatric supplies. We graciously accept any new non-liquid ostomy supplies. This includes one piece pouching systems, two piece pouching systems (even if the pouches and flanges don't match), skin barrier paste, skin barrier rings, belts, and skin barrier strips. Please ship or bring your supply donation to our warehouse facility at:
4018 Bishop Lane
Louisville, KY 40218

When preparing a packing to ship. please

  • Remove products from the boxes.
  • Place products into plastic bags, and squeeze out air to close.
  • Write the quantity on each plastic bag.
  • Pack in a large carton. It is less expensive to ship one large carton than several small ones.
  • If you have a small arount, a prepaid postal box may be the least expensive.
  • Note that UPS gives a discount to AAA and AARP members.
  • Include a sheet of paper with your name and address inside the box.
  • Inclusion of a self-addressed stamped envelope will be helpful for FOW to send you a tax letter.

    These steps will reduce your shipping costs and be of great assistance to FOW volunteers in processing the supplies you send.

    This sample letter from the FOW Fall 2014 newsletter available on their website exemplifies the importance of contributing ostomy supplies for those in need:

    April 29, 2014
    Dear F.O.W,
    My name is Joseph Chato, I am 45 years old, married and have two children 6 years old boy and 4 years old girl. Last April 2013 I was diagnosed with a colon cancer stage 3 and I felt so discouraged don’t know what to do especially in our country it’s very hard to find medical help if your poor. Our hospital over here, don’t give you a medical treatment unless you have cash in your hand. My doc- tor told me that I need surgery soon or I will die.... And I have to wear ostomy bags the rest of my life.
    On January 2014 I had surgery at first is very hard to accept it but little by little God is helping me. Now I’m doing chemo therapy, I’m half way of the eight sessions.... Every day I am so thankful for my life and I am financially struggling because of my chemo therapy is so expensive.
    I am very thankful to F.O.W. U.S.A. and it touched my heart that you do care for people in need like me and for helping me by send- ing the ostomy supplies you’re the answered of my Prayers. Thank You! Thank You! Thank you very much F.O.W. U.S.A. God is truly with!
    Joseph Chato, Philippines

    Access the FOWUSA site for more information.

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